Filter tips, sterile, universal

Filter tips from Niborlab are universal and fit the pipettes from the vast majority of manufacturers: Eppendorf, Gilson, Biohit, Rainin

High-value properties:

The ultra-smooth surface of the used plastic eliminates the adsorption of DNA and proteins on the inner walls of the tip. None loss of your precious reagent (Taq-Polymerase, Primer etc)
and none denaturation of DNA.

Maximum of precision, accuracy and reproducibility are the
advantages while working with your pipettes. Certificates of conformity
for various pipettes on request.

We only use special selected PP-resin of 99,9% purity, without any additives (padding, mould-relase agent, plasticiser,
heavy metal). Silicone and silicone-coating are prohibited by itself without saying.

Filter material:

The filters are made of sintered polyethylene and without the addition of chemical binding agents. This causes the filters to release a sample again which has been accidentally overdrawn. The reduced pore width (10-15 micron) eliminates the risk of cross-contamination by creating an aerosol barrier. This material is currently the best, which ist presently available.


  • free of RNase, DNase, DNA, and pyrogens, sterile
  • excellent fit for PCR use
  • complete specimen discharge;  no residues in pipette tip
  • no variance in pipetted volume
  • exact and reproducible results
  • saving expensive reagents
  • conservation and recovery of unique specimens (DNA, Proteine etc.)

Available models