PCR plates

PCR platesPCR plates from Niborlab are produced in a Class 100,000 clean room to ensure they are free of any kind of contamination. All of them are free of DNAse, RNAse, pyrogens and human DNA.

Our PCR plates fit most 96-well thermal cyclers, both conventional and qPCR models.

Available models

  • NL 6071: Unskirted 96-well PCR plate.
  • NL 6078: Half-skirt 96-well PCR plate, compatible with Applied Biosystems sequencers and thermal-cyclers, excepting Step One and Step One Plus. Price: $334 /240 € (100 plates)
half-skirt PCR plate

NL 6078 – half-skirt PCR plate

Unskirted PCR plate

NL 6071, unskirted PCR plate