PCR tubes and strips

PCR tube strips (8-strip)

NL7103 PCR stips

PCR tubes from Niborlab are produced in a Class 100,000 clean room to ensure they are free of any kind of contamination. All of them are free of DNAse, RNAse, pyrogens and human DNA.


NL 7103 PCR strips, with flat caps: $575/420 € (1200 strips)

Available models

  • Individual PCR tube, flat cap, 0.2 mL. Available colorless or in colors (see below)
  • Individual PCR tube, domed cap, 0.2 mL
  • 0.5 mL PCR tube, individual
  • 8-strip PCR tube, 0.2 mL, including caps with writing surface
  • 8-strip PCR tube, 0.2 mL, inlcuding optical caps for qPCR
  • 8-strip PCR tube, low profile, 0.1 mL

Available colors for individual PCR tubes (individual, flat cap)

  • Green
  • Violet
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Pink

Also at www.pcr-strips.com