Luciferase assays (Firefly and Gaussia)

High-performance microplate luminometer

If you use luciferase kits you may be interested on our luminometers

Luciferase Assay Kits are based on the firefly luciferase luc gene that is one of the most commonly used reporter genes and allows the monitoring of promoter activity in the control of gene expression. Reporter genes are widely used to study gene expression and regulation mechanisms in living cells. Since not all expressed enzymes are easily detectable, reporter genes were introduced into cellular DNA to investigate gene function by means of a measurable property, luminescence. Luciferase has a number of advantages and is an interesting option over CAT assays and non-luminescent reporter gene assays:

  1. Firefly luciferase is not present in normal cells.
  2. The assay is simple, fast and easy to perform.
  3. You can use both simple, manual, luminometers as well as fully automatic microplate luminometers.
  4. It is suitable for HTS.

Our luciferase assay kits are available in 4 main formats:

  1. Luciferase assay kit (800 assays/kit): $649 / 485 €
  2. 2-pack Luciferase assay kit (1600 assays): $1134 / 840 €
  3. 4-pack Luciferase assay kit (3200 assays): $2023 / 1499 €
  4. Luciferase assay kit HTS (4800 assays/kit): $2779 / 2060 €

In addition to classic luciferase (Firefly), we can provide you with D-Luciferin and kits for the determination of Gaussia luciferase.

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